You might need a tiny bit of input on a project. Defining a research study in the problem space requires a purpose that is “just right” (as in Goldilocks). Recruiting the right participants means making sure they have depth to tell you about. Listening sessions are different than user interviews in a few key ways. Making sure you capture the nuance needed for a living mental model diagram requires careful combing & summaries. And allowing those summaries to show you the structure of a mental model diagram can be tricky at times. And layering data onto an opportunity map usually includes looking at possibilities from an outside perspective.

Indi can help you in many ways. For example, for listening sessions you can do practice sessions with Indi, get one-on-one coaching with your recorded listening session, or get live coaching during your listening session.

Investment averages: USD$150-$300 (contact Indi about longer engagements)

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