advanced training series

The advanced training series is an online, group setting where we cover one aspect of problem space research for 4-6 weeks. We meet weekly, on Wednesdays at 10:30am San Francisco time online. There is homework, and Indi spends time going through the details of one or two people’s work, explaining the ins and outs. Each series is dependent on the prior series, as explained below.

(next session TBA): Listening Sessions (no prerequisite)

begins 04-Apr 2018: Combing & Summaries (prerequisite: theory of listening sessions) (sign up)

(next session TBA): Pattern Grouping (prerequisite: theory of listening sessions + theory of combing & summaries)

(next session TBA): Creating mental model diagrams & layering data (no prerequisite)

(next session TBA): Creating thinking-style behavioral audience segments (prerequisite: theory of listening sessions)

Each series costs $300. (Note: currently they are half price.) You can start the series on any of the first three weeks. Refunds only prior to your start date.

There will be a break between series. Also, there might be occasional need to push back the dates because of Indi’s schedule. You don’t have to attend each week, but the more you attend, the more you’ll learn. You don’t have to do any homework, but trying it out yourself away from the group setting really helps you understand the technique. You’re totally welcome to lurk on the calls, and participants tell me they’ve learned a lot this way. How you approach the series is up to you.