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the value of understanding the problem space

This webinar builds awareness of cognitive bias when it comes to being “data-driven,” and clarifies the differences between the problem space and the solution space. I introduce mental model diagrams,

three differences that shock my audiences

Being mindful about your vocabulary helps differentiate problem-space research from the product cycle

workshop participants practice listening in pairs

listening tips

Q&A from my recent workshops

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beyond tasks

Move past tasks and goals to a person’s purpose

good understanding takes time

There’s a cycle that we follow when we develop products: Think-Make-Check. It’s also called a few other things, such as Ideate-Prototype-Test. No matter what the vocabulary, it’s the cycle that organizations seek to spin faster, to make lightweight,… Read More

the future of eReaders: what goes on in your mind while you are reading?

What Can Research Help You Discover? I’ve been experimenting with eReaders. Google’s announcement of its software for several platforms helped me consolidate my thoughts on the subject. My conclusion is that eReaders are┬ánot where I want them to… Read More