Koi fish of different sizes and colors swimming in dark water

fear of empathy

“how does that make you feel?”


cultivate a mindset that seeks diversity

hellebore blossom up close

correlation is not causation

We’ve been trained to respond to statistics with curiosity about more statistics.

small dog holding stick in mouth with teeth bared

demographic assumptions

True story: I was walking down to the bakery last Spring when I turned a corner and encountered a woman in a rust-colored down vest walking her little brown wiry-haired dog. The dog started barking when it saw… Read More

Indi speaking at Impact Hub, Oakland, CA

enabling empathy

Creative Mornings is a global breakfast lecture series for the creative community. There are monthly themes, and the theme for September 2015 was “empathy.” I was invited to speak at the Oakland chapter of Creative Mornings. I cover… Read More

jagged metal crosses as sculpture in memorial to WWII genocide of academics, military, and priests in Warsaw

the monsters in our minds

In 2014, the organization UX for Good is focused on how to increase the impact of visiting a genocide memorial. The description of the year’s challenge is as follows: “The profound feelings genocide memorials elicit are a powerful fuel…. Read More

developing valid personas

Well-crafted personas are actually behavioral audience segments with names and faces attached (demographics attached). Behavioral audience segments are differentiated based on the way people tend to reason their way toward a specific purpose, like “lose weight,” “decide which/whether college… Read More