Presentation for Your Organization

Introduce your organization to the idea of balancing all the solution-focused work with a little problem-space research.

I have several different approaches in my presentations, depending on my audience. Each presentation covers the same concepts of how to harness certain kinds of empathy in your work, but with different emphasis and reasoning.

  1. Reassuring – for people who actively distrust the value, to explain how these concepts are useful, not just fluff
  2. Vision, Inspiring – for people who are actively seeking new ways to make their services & products better
  3. Persuasion – for believers who want to do this in their own organizations, but need to force the ball to get rolling
  4. Vocabulary Mindfulness – for practitioners who are always seeking to take their skills and knowledge to the next level


Exploring the Problem Space

Problem-facing research is different than user research in some subtle but important ways. Introduce your organization to these differences, highlight convention and assumptions common to design work, and balance out your expertise in the solution-facing realm with solid techniques.

Investment: USD$300-$3000 Presentations are 40-60 minutes. Indi is available in-person within 2 hours travel time from SF. Other internal presentations are conducted via remote connection. Conference appearances can be arranged.




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