good understanding takes time

There’s a cycle that we follow when we develop products: Think-Make-Check. It’s also called a few other things, such as Ideate-Prototype-Test. No matter what the vocabulary, it’s the cycle that organizations seek to spin faster, to make lightweight,… Read More

part of cover to UXPIN's first book

Foreword: UX Design for Startups

Some people believe so fervently in their idea; the thought of spending time on anything else than building it is inconceivable. So these people focus 200% of their energy breathing life into their idea, staying up late, working… Read More

Google Analytics – also a political tool

At the Emetrics Summit,on 08-May-2007, Jeff Veen finally got to talk about his work for the past year. Ever since Google purchased Measure Map from Adaptive Path, Jeff and his team have been designing the new release of… Read More