recruiting across behaviors

I received an enthusiastic, but bewildered cry for help from a UX designer in South Africa, Jeanne Marias. She wrote, “I am pioneering a service design project, part of which I’m wanting to do a Mental Model of… Read More

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framing research as a generative question

At the end of a workshop about person-focused research, someone asked “So, why do people decide to buy an iPhone versus an Android phone?” Smiling, I turned to the rest of the people in the room and asked… Read More

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recognize when your organization is engineering driven

Many products are still technology driven. Your organization invents something no one else does. The rest of the process goes like this: I have this tail. I put it on the donkey. I spend money testing and fixing… Read More

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your leader’s perspective

Leaders don’t want to waste resources. They want to know the organization has done everything possible to ensure success and done everything possible to discover concealed opportunities. Notice the focus on the organization, almost forgetting about the people… Read More

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explain qualitative data to your boss

Somehow, in the quest for confidence, qualitative knowledge ended up positioned as the opposite of quantitative knowledge. In this JohnnyHolland post, Qualitative Is Not the Opposite of Quantitative Data, I give you a definition and a reference to… Read More

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add person-focused & generative research to your toolbox

For the most part, people I run across have a strictly evaluative understanding of user research. Finding Empathy Through Generative Research, originally published on JohnnyHolland,  seeks to introduce an additional way of framing the research you do for your… Read More

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picking out guiding principles

Picking out an actual “guiding principle” from a transcript is difficult. A guiding principle is a sub-conscious philosophy that guides how a person makes a decision. When you look at a transcript, the words “I believe,” “I think,”… Read More

audience segments as characters

I was recently helping a few people create audience segments for their projects. It’s so hard to get outside the normal way of thinking about people by title or role or demographic. As a way of getting past… Read More

try the “lightning quick” method

When I was making a lot of mental model diagrams in the get-it-to-market-yesterday boom of the late 1990’s, I used a technique that resulted in a mental model diagram plus gap analysis in the course of one day…. Read More

examples of tough combing labels

You wanted to test your combing/labeling skills … right? You wanted to hone your ability to grab the most descriptive verb possible, and pull out the implications of what the person is really trying to say? Here is… Read More