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Active listening is not simply about trying to recognize a person’s emotion

Wish these were carrots growing, but instead there are cabbages, lettuce, and fennel

listening deeply

You can’t develop cognitive empathy just by looking

long view of the river going through Zion canyon, Utah

stop trying to solve everything

let go of your product and what you were hired to do

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ask the UXperts empathy & active listening

The practice of note-taking is heavily ingrained. Throughout school, students take notes as a way of remembering things and as a sense-making tool. This carries over into people’s professional lives. There is a time, however, when taking notes… Read More

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Foreword: UX Design for Startups

Some people believe so fervently in their idea; the thought of spending time on anything else than building it is inconceivable. So these people focus 200% of their energy breathing life into their idea, staying up late, working… Read More

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intelligence vs. understanding

This article originally appeared in the inaugural edition of Scroll magazine in September 2008. Reprinted below. “You can­not develop a good solu­tion for some­one with­out empathis­ing with that per­son. Maybe you know the facts. For example, a cus­tomer needs to… Read More