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Instead of Average

one size does not fit all

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eat, smell, prey: exploring an example problem space

This case study aims to encourage you to get some problem-facing research started, using practical empathy and mental model diagrams. Researching the problem (as opposed to the solution) is a lot easier than you might suspect. So here’s the example: I… Read More

agaves make a formidable barrier

how to get your org to say yes to research

It’s an uphill battle–trying to convince others at your organization to pay attention to empathy-based research. Yet, you are not alone. There are many barriers practitioners face, and often these are so tangled up with other issues that even… Read More

small dog holding stick in mouth with teeth bared

demographic assumptions

True story: I was walking down to the bakery last Spring when I turned a corner and encountered a woman in a rust-colored down vest walking her little brown wiry-haired dog. The dog started barking when it saw… Read More