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demographic assumptions

True story: I was walking down to the bakery last Spring when I turned a corner and encountered a woman in a rust-colored down vest walking her little brown wiry-haired dog. The dog started barking when it saw… Read More

developing valid personas

Well-crafted personas are actually behavioral audience segments with names and faces attached (demographics attached). Behavioral audience segments are differentiated based on the way people tend to reason their way toward a specific purpose, like “lose weight,” “decide which/whether college… Read More

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the squabble over personas

Why are your organization’s personas so hard to use? It might be because they are marketing personas, based on the way customers buy what you produce. And the marketing department is afraid you’ll want to change them. You… Read More

part of cover to UXPIN's first book

Foreword: UX Design for Startups

Some people believe so fervently in their idea; the thought of spending time on anything else than building it is inconceivable. So these people focus 200% of their energy breathing life into their idea, staying up late, working… Read More

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look at it another way

This article originally appeared in issue 267 of A List Apart in September 2008. Reprinted below. “Before you can solve a user’s problems, you must see them as that user sees them. Once you understand what drives people’s behavior, not… Read More