Indi speaking at UX Lausanne

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  • 2018-Feb: uxWaterloo, Waterloo Canada – Understanding Problem Spaces
  • 2017-Dec: DMI Symposium hosted by BCG, Los Angeles California – Mapping Opportunities in the Problem Space
  • 2017-May: LX Conference hosted online by AcademicTribe – Designing with Empathy
  • 2017-Apr: Design4Digital, Austin Texas – workshop Problem Space Research
  • 2017-Mar: IDEO kraftwerks Talk, Palo Alto California – Practical Empathy: How It Fits in the Product Cycle
  • 2016-Apr: Walmart UX Summit, Brisbane California – Practical Empathy for Business
  • 2016-Mar: MX Managing Experience, San Francisco California – workshop Practical Empathy
  • 2015-Feb: Design Writing Summit, San Francisco California – Understanding Your Audience
  • 2014-Sep: Fluxible, Kitchener-Waterloo Toronto – workshop Practical Empathy – 5-minute-talk Going to the Dogs
  • 2014-May: UX Lausanne, Switzerland – workshop Empathy Is Not an Interview
  • 2014-May: WebVisions, Portland Oregon – Balancing “Science” with Person-Focused Research – workshop Mental Model Diagrams: Explore How to Derive Ideas
  • 2013-Apr: Products Are Hard, San Francisco California – Using Empathy to Guide Product Strategy
  • 2012-Nov: User Friendly, Beijing China – keynote Sparking Creativity Through Empathy – workshop How to Conduct a Generative Interview
  • 2012-May: UXLX, Lisbon Portugal – workshop Mental Model Diagrams
  • (archive tbc, goes back to 1998 …)