the way forward is suddenly clear and easy across the wilderness

The first time you conduct research into the problem space, there is a risk of tripping up on certain habits you developed on the solution side of things. Your interview techniques can interfere, the tendency to allow your mind to solve problems as you learn will distract you. Even setting the scope of the research is different. If you want a solid start, Indi can guide your team from start to finish.

A typical mentoring engagement lasts 16-20 weeks, depending on your team’s availability. For highly-available teams, Indi can work with you twice a day, three days a week or more. Each working session is usually about an hour and is highly collaborative. We get things done. And it’s all done remotely, for maximum flexibility. When it comes time to conduct listening sessions, Indi conducts the first three with the team listening in and exchanging comments behind the scenes via a shared document. For later listening sessions, Indi becomes the behind-the-scenes coach, so that the team member doing the listening has a safety net.

Investment averages: USD$17,000-$54,000 (for a 5-10 participant study)

“In retrospect, some decisions are good; others are great. Enlisting Indi’s help in 2011 to work with our then nascent Experience Design team was the latter. It had the expected result of giving us great insights. But more importantly perhaps, Indi’s involvement lit up the team and got them to work together for the first time.” Harry Max, Vice President of Experience Design, Rackspace


“I recently hired Indi to fill in some research gaps on the product I’m working on. Indi is an amazing mentor, taking the time to really guide those she works with understand generative research and the mental model research method she has created.” Eric Fain, User Experience Architect, Autodesk




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* The photo at the top of this page is the Bears Ears, near Bluff, Utah USA. The area has an incredibly long human history. Locals are trying to protect it from vandals by getting rangers in place. It was designated as a national monument in December 2016.