empathy in the problem space

Dave Rael has been podcasting about software development since June 2015. In our chat, the key turning point was when he said, “algorithms are neutral.” I explained how they’re not, starting around eleven minutes in. Developer on Fire Podcast Episode 265 … just two transposed digits away from episode 256! (transcript coming soon)

See To Fix a Broken Internet by Louise Lief for more about algorithms.

Dave chats with a different guest each episode and publishes up to 10 episodes a month.With so many episodes, you might think each person’s message gets lost in there–but Dave does a fabulous job of breaking down each episode into descriptive topics, giving you shortcuts to the audio on those topics, and listing plenty of links that were referenced during each episode. The information is all there, but you still have to poke around looking for keywords. That’s kind of how everything works right now, though.