describing personas (thinking styles)

similar blue colors to the water pictured on the cover of Practical Empathy, with clouds in sky

newsletter #7  |  15-Mar-2016

Last week I asked the UX community to try re-writing persona descriptions without age, gender, ethnicity, or location. Since it was a 140 character tweet, a lot of discussion followed about what I meant, why I said it, and how it would actually work or not within each person’s team and organization. The discussion was excellent, so I decided to write a post on Medium to summarize. And to collect your comments and thoughts.


the beach on the cover of Practical Empathy aligned with the surf at Bronte Beach in Australia

Markolf Zimmer aligned the surf on the book cover with the surf at Bronte Beach, Sydney Australia. This photo made my day!


I can review your personas

If you’re interested in trying to re-write your personas, an outsider’s perspective can make things easier and faster. Plus, an outsider can see things and ask questions about ideas that you’re just too close to.

Send me your personas. I can jump on the phone with you, ask questions, and point out a few things. You can have new direction and confidence in under two hours. Bring Indi in-house.


What’s our best fit?

quick research help

“We’re trying to explore the problem space, but we’ve run into problems. Can you double check what we’re doing?”
quick help

mentor the team

“We want to make sure we do the research right. And we want the skills in-house so we can keep exploring.”
mentor the team

custom research

“We want to explore something, but we don’t have the cycles to get involved. We want answers that are credible.”
custom research

training & coaching

“We want to do solid problem space research. We want a workshop or coaching to tighten up our skills.”
training & coaching