custom research

where does this path through the forest go?

Need someone to do the research for you? Indi and her team can take on any size exploration of the problem space that you have in mind. Most organizations have budget and time constraints, so we start small in that case. Since this kind of research does not go stale, we can keep adding to the data set over time.

We begin the engagement with a discussion of the scope of research, to make sure we frame it in a non-solution-focused manner. Then we go conduct the research, giving you updates each Monday as work proceeds. We can give you transcripts of the listening sessions about halfway through, and then we deliver the mental model diagram and/or the behavioral audience segments, depending on what you’re after. We conclude with collaborative working sessions where we discuss insights, actions, and next steps with you and your stakeholders.

Investment usually runs: USD$27,000-$90,000

“The conversation around automation in our industry needs to change from equipment and technology to people and process. In a nine month study using a generative research approach, we created two Mental Models and found a clear process for moving forward. The results of the research changed our way of thinking and focused our automation project team on the people involved in a profoundly clarifying way.” Merrie Costley, Senior Manager-Business Analyst, NOV




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