A book called Against Empathy came out in late 2016. Author Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology and cognitive science, has consequently gotten a lot of exposure for such an eye-catching title. I’ve found contradictions in what he says. (e.g. empathy means many things vs. empathy is feeling what the other person is feeling)  I got a chance to speak with Steve Paulson of Wisconsin Public Radio’s To the Best of Our Knowledge about using cognitive empathy in product design. Podcast: Does empathy have a design flaw? (21 minutes) Transcript below.

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ConveyUX is a home-grown Seattle event, produced by Blink UX. This is the one event that UX professionals can count on to bring a yearly stream of great content to the Puget Sound area. Over thirty UX practitioners presented 40+ educational sessions over the three days of the conference. Video of the talk. (68 minutes) Live sketch by Len PeraltaTranscript below.

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Creative Mornings is a global breakfast lecture series for the creative community. There are monthly themes, and the theme for September 2015 was “empathy.” I was invited to speak at the Oakland chapter of Creative Mornings. I cover the use of both emotional and cognitive empathy in your work, and I touch upon some important listening skills. Video of the talk (37 minutes) Transcript below. Read More

The practice of note-taking is heavily ingrained. Throughout school, students take notes as a way of remembering things and as a sense-making tool. This carries over into people’s professional lives. There is a time, however, when taking notes is contraindicated: during a listening session. I encourage participants in this UX Mastery community chat to put down the pen for the time being. Reprinted below. Read More

George Cockerill hosts the UXBookClub in Melbourne. In June 2015 he organized a morning meet-up so that, half a world away, I could chat with the group by Google Hangout on Air. There were some great questions about Practical Empathy, and George did a fantastic job of editing everything together for this 35-minute video of the chat.

I was excited to be invited to present to DevOps and engineering folks at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, 2015. I opened the talk with an example of bringing someone in to give you a different way of seeing your problem. A Practical Type of Empathy (27 minutes) Transcript belowRead More

Poornima Viyashanker runs Femgineer, a education company that teaches innovators to build software products. Her series, FemgineerTV, explores different things that affect the software you build and the teams you work on. In this episode, Poornima interviews Indi about mental model diagrams and about cognitive empathy.

Lou Rosenfeld interviews Indi about her book (which he published), Practical Empathy. The theme covers how … “We aren’t taking the time to do proper discovery of how another person is thinking before we go out and make designs for them … we aren’t necessarily doing the depth that we could go to … It’s really hard to recognize when you’re running with an assumption.” Example includes the Vallejo Police Department 2015 goal to “avoid a Ferguson.” Three words the book does not mention: research, design, user. Breaking Through the Empathy Gap (17 minutes)

balancing science with person-focused research

O’Reilly webcast Balancing Science with Person-Focused Research (60 minutes). O’Reilly changed their registration process a bit, and you will be prompted to login to your O’Reilly.com account before launching the presentation. (You will need to set up an account if you do not have one.) You will be prompted to complete a registration form and upon completion you will be taken to ON24 to click a ‘Launch Presentation’ button and then the webcast will play.