newsletter #2  |  5-Jan-2016

It’s an uphill battle–trying to convince others at your organization to pay attention to empathy-based research. Yet, you are not alone. There are many barriers practitioners face, and often these are so tangled up with other issues that even a determined person will eventually give up trying. I want to help you make the research happen. I have some advice in nine areas that you can use to make headway … so you can turn “we haven’t gotten underway yet” into “we start today.” Read More

select the perfect method for your research goal

There is a lot of confusion about how to choose the most appropriate research methods to suit your goals. Here I help you decide what research to do. This article, 3 Ways to Select the Perfect Method for your Research Goal , was published in UXmas 2014. Reprinted below. Read More

Sometimes you just need to get started fast. One way to spin up is to skip the listening sessions and try to derive the same knowledge out of data that has already been collected in the past. This article, Re-Research: A New Picture of Existing Data, was published on JohnnyHolland in December 2010. Reprinted below. Read More

try the “lightning quick” method

When I was making a lot of mental model diagrams in the get-it-to-market-yesterday boom of the late 1990’s, I used a technique that resulted in a mental model diagram plus gap analysis in the course of one day. I think this technique is still valid today. It can serve to get you started in this practice, which you can later add to in a more carefully-contemplated fashion. Here’s an example of my session with a group of nine talented design agency folks. We spent 2.75 hours putting together a set of towers based on 24 individual stories, and then spent rest of the day brainstorming ideas to support those towers. Here’s how we did it. Read More