There’s a cycle that we follow when we develop products: Think-Make-Check. It’s also called a few other things, such as Ideate-Prototype-Test. No matter what the vocabulary, it’s the cycle that organizations seek to spin faster, to make lightweight, to allow for less risky failure. All these are good goals. I don’t want to interfere with the spinning of this cycle. Read More

newsletter #5  |  16-Feb-2016

Most organizationss imagine they understand the problem, and don’t take time to research it. They are content to use what they imagine as the basis for developing their solution. The problem space is where they’ll get their strongest insights and innovations, but you wouldn’t suspect this based on the amount of effort put toward exploring their solution and the people using it. Read More

newsletter #4  |  02-Feb-2016

How did you get interested in the career path that you are following? When I ask people this question, the answer I often hear is “because I wanted to make things better.” There are so, so many things out there that make your eyes roll. Read More

newsletter #3  |  18-Jan-2016

I Want to Go to the Park!

Maybe “research” is not your core job description. But you (and your organization) believe in making informed decisions. You’ve been thinking that it’s time to hear from outside people (again). It’s time to understand their larger intentions and purposes. It’s time to map your way through the next decade of product development, rather than just looking a year ahead. Yeah, it may be time to do this, but getting started-and finished-can be doggone difficult.

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newsletter #2  |  5-Jan-2016

It’s an uphill battle–trying to convince others at your organization to pay attention to empathy-based research. Yet, you are not alone. There are many barriers practitioners face, and often these are so tangled up with other issues that even a determined person will eventually give up trying. I want to help you make the research happen. I have some advice in nine areas that you can use to make headway … so you can turn “we haven’t gotten underway yet” into “we start today.” Read More

newsletter #1  |  15-Dec-2015

Hey, thanks for being one of the original group of people to sign up for my newsletter. This means you’re probably already a believer–you already know the value of understanding what goes through other people’s minds. You agree that much of the research we do for products and strategy is too shallow or fast. You have seen that getting deeper than the level of opinions, preferences, and explanations helps you develop empathy, which is much more useful to your work. And now our job begins Read More