indi speaking at ux lausanne 2014

practical empathy

The organizers at UX Lausanne run a little conference I highly recommend. They have made my 23-May-2014 presentation, Practial Empathy, available. (38:05) Transcript below. 

jonathan kahn speaking at DARE conference

together london with jonathan kahn: supporting people instead of persuading them

Jonathan Kahn is the organizer of the fabulous #dareconf (people skills for digital workers). This is episode 29 in his podcast series, exploring the book I’m writing, Practical Empathy, and its relationship to my earlier book, Mental Models…. Read More

radio johnny logo

tips for listening sessions

Jeff Parks asks me to explain the most important parts of non-directed interviews. I cover scope, sensing your way forward, and explaining to your boss why this technique is important. (… and the joy of really connecting with… Read More

indi presenting at design research conf chicago

conference presentation: sparking creativity through empathy

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Design Research Conference organizers have posted a recording of my talk from Sep-2008, Mental Models: Sparking Creativity through Empathy.

boxes & arrows podcast chats

“Intelligence is a poor cousin to understanding.” There is a vast difference between intelligence and understanding. Intelligence is the quantitative data you collect about your users. Understanding is the cognitive empathy you develop by listening to the purposes… Read More

Indi presenting at Google

digging beyond user preferences

I present an hour talk to internal designers at Google that explores how you never design for everyone. If you can focus on one or two behavioral audience segments, your support for people will be much more successful…. Read More