select the perfect method for your research goal

There is a lot of confusion about how to choose the most appropriate research methods to suit your goals. Here I help you decide what research to do. This article, 3 Ways to Select the Perfect Method for your… Read More

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interview: what is UX?

In this interview posted on Medium Artur Kurasinski asks about UX, my second book, and my workshop at UX Poland 2014. (Photo by Florian Klauer)

indi with beach in background, Chicago

design inspiration? deep listening.

In this 5-question interview, with Marcin Treder of UXPin I share my thoughts about inspiration, social change, and what one thing I’d like to redesign. What would your five answers be?

part of cover to UXPIN's first book

Foreword: UX Design for Startups

Some people believe so fervently in their idea; the thought of spending time on anything else than building it is inconceivable. So these people focus 200% of their energy breathing life into their idea, staying up late, working… Read More

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tour guide – an analogy for listening

To increase your skill as a listener, remember the last time you took a tour. This article for JohnnyHolland, Please Pay Attention to Your Tour Guide begins with this idea. Reprinted below. 

the cast of personas

Behavioral audience segments can become personas if you assign a name and a face. However, they are not necessarily one-to-one. You might want to make a couple of personas to represent different demographic or purchasing aspects of one… Read More

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re-using existing data

Sometimes you just need to get started fast. One way to spin up is to skip the listening sessions and try to derive the same knowledge out of data that has already been collected in the past. This article, Re-Research:… Read More

support intentions, not existing workflows

This week I was chatting with someone who works at an organization that does not yet recognize the value of generative research before defining products. She said to me, with exasperation in her voice, “The product managers here… Read More

isn’t a mental model something else, not a diagram?

Frequently when people hear the phrase “mental model” they think of a narrow slice of Don Norman’s definition. In his book The Design of Everyday Things, right after discussing his example of the refrigerator/freezer controls, he writes this definition… Read More

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intelligence vs. understanding

This article originally appeared in the inaugural edition of Scroll magazine in September 2008. Reprinted below. “You can­not develop a good solu­tion for some­one with­out empathis­ing with that per­son. Maybe you know the facts. For example, a cus­tomer needs to… Read More