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Indi can double-check your work or assist with any of the following:

  1. Decide which scope to explore, at what level of granularity
  2. Recruit participants
  3. Perfect your technique so that your listening sessions are not like pulling teeth
  4. Conduct the listening sessions
  5. Transcribe recordings
  6. Summarize the concepts from the transcripts
  7. Pull the data together into patterns and meaning, even if it’s a big mess
  8. Put the data into a visual form: a mental model diagram
  9. Clarify or derive personas or segments based on the data
  10. Get your stakeholders behind your efforts, rather than opposed or confused
  11. Show your stakeholders how your offerings aren’t matching the data

Investment starts at: USD$300

“We originally thought that building the model was about discovering new things. It wasn’t. What we found was that we had re-remembered things that we would have forgotten without the process. And, even more interesting, what we did learn was where things we thought were true turned out to be fiction. Good theories, but with nothing to support them. The model was like looking at an instant-replay, or an old photograph. We thought we knew things, but we forgot some details and made up others. And then, there it is. In perfect focus once again.” Jonathan Baker, Director of Developer Relations, SAP




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