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(Newsletter #3)

I Want to Go to the Park!

Maybe “research” is not your core job description. But you (and your organization) believe in making informed decisions. You’ve been thinking that it’s time to hear from outside people (again). It’s time to understand their larger intentions and purposes. It’s time to map your way through the next decade of product development, rather than just looking a year ahead. Yeah, it may be time to do this, but getting started–and finished–can be … doggone difficult.

So here’s an example that will make research feel like sheer joy!

Eat, Smell, Prey: Exploring an Example Problem Space


Creating a Conference Summary Presentation

Here’s another example of a quick empathy-based research study. I spent the 2014 UX Poland conference running around conducting listening sessions with attendees about what concerns were on their minds at work. This presentation covers the themes I found. (Here is a follow-up interview about the research I did for my presentation.)

indi presenting at ux poland

What’s our best fit?

quick research help

“We’re trying to explore the problem space, but we’ve run into problems. Can you double check what we’re doing?”
quick help

mentor the team

“We want to make sure we do the research right. And we want the skills in-house so we can keep exploring.”
mentor the team

custom research

“We want to explore something, but we don’t have the cycles to get involved. We want answers that are credible.”
custom research

training & coaching

“We want to do solid problem space research. We want a workshop or coaching to tighten up our skills.”
training & coaching

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